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In our yoga studio you can choose your favorite class from many yoga classes. From slow practice of the positions and conscious breathing to classic yoga exercises with which you gain strength, balance and flexibility.







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Münstergasse 4

8001 Zurich Switzerland

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The studio process

You get a fresh shower towel on every visit at the reception. Also you can enjoy first-class Soeder care products in the dressing rooms and showers.

If possible, it is best to bring your own mat to the training. You can leave it in our studio between courses. Otherwise you can also use mats from the studio.

If you need an additional sauna or training towel, please bring it with you. Alternatively, you can rent an additional towel set (1 training towel, 1 shower towel, 1 sauna towel) for CHF 5.00 per visit.

With our booking system, Eversports, you can check yourself into courses:

  • You can check-in yourself via the Eversports app one hour before your course starts. Just tap on the button “Perform Self Check-in now” you can find in the app.
  • After checking-in you receive a check-in card in the app that you show the reception when entering the studio.
  • You will then receive a token, which you give to the respective trainers before the start of every workout. This way we prevent classes from being overbooked.
  • That’s it! After the check-in you can use the checkroom, the spa area as well as the BODYART studio.

We’re offering an extensive streaming service: In addition to the livestreams we have published a large video on-demand media library, which is available as a monthly subscription. For an optimal training experience from home we provide you with tailor-made playlists that you can perfectly combine with your training in the studio – BODYART, DEEPWORk, Yoga, Pilates anytime and anywhere.

Please check out our updated protective measures before you train in the studio.

The BODYART Studio Zurich has been certified by the quality certificate Qualitop. Therefore, our courses are accepted by health insurance companies for cost coverage.

You can get a certificate of attendance at our reception.

Do you have questions?

Great to have you with us! I'm happy to help you if you have any questions about our schedule, trainers or prices.


Phone: +41 (0) 78 606 60 48

Please note that our protective measuresthat are applying for the entire studio.

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Yoga in Zurich on the highest level

Es ist nicht leicht, das passende Yoga Studio in Zürich zu finden. Gerade die Kombination aus Yoga und Wellness setzt im BODYART Studio neue Zürcher Standards und bietet dir eine unvergessliche Trainingserfahrung. Unser Studio liegt mitten im Zentrum (Kreis 1) zwischen Paradeplatz und der Bahnhofstrasse. Es ist ein Wohlfühlort mitten in der urbanen City, der über das reine Yogatraining hinausgeht. So kannst du dich nach deinem BODYART Workout in der Panoramasauna entspannen oder dir eine Runde in der wohltuenden Dampfsauna gönnen. Wir freuen uns, dich bei deinem nächsten Besuch in der Münstergasse 4 zu empfangen.

Yoga courses with professional trainers

Expand your horizons with classes that go beyond the typical sequences of yoga: With a membership, pass or trial offer you can attend BODYART's group fitness classes in addition to our yoga classes. Experience a unique fitness experience that transitions from calm exercise to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Pilates, BODYART and DEEPWORK. At our studio you'll also enjoy holistic care from our professional trainers. Train with international instructors like Robert Steinbacher or Alexa Le.

Yoga studio in Zurich with a Spa

Our yoga classes are suitable for yoga beginners as well as for advanced yogis who are looking for Vinyasa Yoga in the middle of the city of Zurich. In our yoga studio you can choose your favorite class from many different classes and styles. Our well-balanced classes offer you the chance to open up the body in its joint structures by practicing the positions slowly and breathing consciously. By the way, our classes also incorporate exercises from traditional Qi Gong. If you have any questions, just talk to our yoga trainers like Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen.

High quality yoga courses in Zurich district 1

Nach einer Klasse in unserem hochwertigen Yoga Studio im Herzen von Zürichs› Kreis 1 fühlst du dich energetisiert, frisch und gehst aufrecht durch den Tag. Dabei wirst du merken, wie sich deine Atmung verbessert und deine Bewegung flexibler wird. Teile das Erlebnis mit unserer herzlichen Community und verbringe nach der Yogastunde noch Zeit in unserem Spa-Bereich, der keine Wünsche übrig lässt. So wird auch dein Trainingserlebnis nachhaltiger und deine Muskeln regenieren sich schneller. Wenn du einen Rückzugsort suchst, ist unser Ruheraum jederzeit für dich geöffnet. In unserer Lounge kannst du ausserdem deine Mails checken, ausspannen oder inspirierende Menschen kennenlernen.