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Please note that our protective measuresthat are applying for the entire studio.

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Before the first workout

BODYART is a worldwide practiced training method which was invited by the renowned Group Fitness Trainer Robert Steinbacher in 1994 and further developed by Alexa Lê.

The body, mind and soul are brought into harmony as part of the training, with the focus on concentration, physical and mental relaxation, contrast (Yin and Yang), and breathing coordination.

To train BODYART does not require any additional equipment. After a course you will feel vitalized, stronger, purified and ready for the next challenge without challenging yourself or your muscles too much.

The varied courses enable you to achieve your training goals quickly – all while taking your Fitness and well-being to a whole new level. In contrast to most other studios you can find an ideal combination of Fitness, yoga, HIIT and pilates courses in ourstudio schedule BODYART covers at least three of four goals at the same time:cardio, strength, flexibility and agility.

A typical BODYART workout consists of a flowing sequence of holistic movements inspired by traditional oriental techniques and by the latest function- and strength-based training approaches from the West.

The variety of trainings is reflected in a passionate community: Many of our studio guests have been training BODYART for several years and notice they hurt themselves less and train their bodies more holistically.

If you have questions regarding specific exercises or about your training goals you can always talk to our trainer team before or after the training.

Combine the urban living in the metropolis of Zürich with wellness, Fitness and lifestyle elements. The quiet zones and the unique wellness area are anything but high-intensity and serve as perfect places to let your body and soul relax. The Club Lounge can be enjoyed alone or among inspiring people. Most of all, though, it invites you to simply “be”.

Experience BODYART at the highest level and enjoy our well equipped studio:

  • Exquisite spa with large mixed sauna, steam bath, women's sauna, cold water pool and relaxation room
  • Fresh shower towel on every visit and first-class Soeder care products in the dressing rooms and showers
  • Separate rain showers for complete privacy
  • Spacious dressing room lockers made of wood
  • Spacious Club Lounge with Wi-Fi, fair trade coffee and tea à discrétion
  • Stylish ambiance throughout the entire club area
  • Fresh bowls, shakes and smoothies from Roots

Our trainers structure the courses according to the “Strength meets Awareness” guideline. They accompany you through the different workouts professionally and safely. This way, we guarantee that you will achieve the best possible results during the training sessions while sustainably improving your physical Fitness. Through targeted stimuli from our trainers, you will also sharpen your level of physical awareness and gain the necessary freedom to further develop your spirit.

– Train, enjoy and have fun

We offer our new customers different Trial sessions in the BODYART Studio Zürich, which can be booked online. You can test all courses by booking a trial week.

The courses are normally held in English. Please speak to our trainers if you need help.

The studio process

You get a fresh shower towel on every visit at the reception. Also you can enjoy first-class Soeder care products in the dressing rooms and showers.

If possible, it is best to bring your own mat to the training. You can leave it in our studio between courses. Otherwise you can also use mats from the studio.

If you need an additional sauna or training towel, please bring it with you. Alternatively, you can rent an additional towel set (1 training towel, 1 shower towel, 1 sauna towel) for CHF 5.00 per visit.

With our booking system Eversports you’re able to easily book your courses or manage your passes and memberships – either on our website or via app. With the app, you can also synchronize course bookings directly with your calendar and use the self check-in at the reception to register autonomously without waiting.

  • You can check-in yourself via the Eversports app one hour before your course starts. Just tap on the button “Perform Self Check-in now” you can find in the app.
  • After checking-in you receive a check-in card in the app that you show the reception when entering the studio.
  • You will then receive a token, which you give to the respective trainers before the start of every workout. This way we prevent classes from being overbooked.
  • That’s it! After the check-in you can use the checkroom, the spa area as well as the BODYART studio.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial how to check-in with Eversports.

We’re offering an extensive streaming service: In addition to the livestreams we have published a large video on-demand media library, which is available as a monthly subscription. For an optimal training experience from home we provide you with tailor-made playlists that you can perfectly combine with your training in the studio – BODYART, DEEPWORk, Yoga, Pilates anytime and anywhere.

Please check out our updated protective measures before you train in the studio.

The BODYART Studio Zurich has been certified by the quality certificate Qualitop. Therefore, our courses are accepted by health insurance companies for cost coverage.

You can get a certificate of attendance at our reception.